Posted by: ginalazenby | July 15, 2008

Inspiring entrepreneur evening

Gina & Mike Harris, author of 'Find your Lightbulb'

Gina & Mike Harris, author of 'Find your Lightbulb'

I had the good fortune to meet Mike Harris on Monday – he of the “I started 3 different billion pound companies” fame – Egg, FirstDirect and T-Mobile. He was the speaker at a gathering of 400 Entrepreneurs and he outlined the key ideas he has written about in his new book ‘Find Your Lightbulb – How to make millions from apparently impossible ideas’. He was a great speaker, generous, humble, honest and often surprising with his words of wisdom. He is mentor to one of my best friends so I was lucky to be invited out for supper with him after his presentation and fed back to him how much the audience LOVED his talk. I decided that this photo of me with him is a good omen for the first entry in my new business blog. I am hoping some of his billion-pound wisdom will rub off on me for my next phase of business adventures!

Read a recent article in Director Magazine:



  1. Good to see you and Mike enjoying a few glasses Gina. I wanted to come along to the session but hols got in the way.

    You both look younger than the last time I saw you – or maybe you’re both just wearing better than I am.

    Great blog!


  2. I should have noticed the quantity of glasses before I uploaded the photo! Yikes. Well-spotted. Anyway, it was a great night. Mike was on great form and it was fun to have supper even if it was midnight! Hope we can catch up soon. Your website looks good.

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