Posted by: ginalazenby | July 16, 2008

Mamma Mia medicine

This is the best film ever. I absolutely LOVED it. Of course the music is great but I enjoyed the London stage production so I was looking forward to it. Feeling rather fried and having my Apple Mac not work properly (always a sign that my own mental software & hardware needs a break!) I decided to go to an afternoon performance on my own. It’s fantastic. Brilliant in every respect. So what if gorgeous Pierce Brosnan can’t sing! He wasn’t cast for his voice for goodness sake. The story was written by a woman, it’s directed by a woman and produced by a woman. Plus the 3 of the main roles are played by middle-aged women. Hurrah!! And the symbology of women throwing down their washing and wood-gathering chores to follow the conga line of singing women is very symbolic. Yes girls it’s time to throw down the mundane and gather joyfully together in songful celebration of a woman’s world.

I recommended this movie to my friend Cathryn who was having a challenging and distressing time and needed a break. She was so grateful for my recommendation and we both agreed that Mamma Mia is indeed the medicine every woman needs!


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