Posted by: ginalazenby | July 16, 2008

My own lightbulb moment

Gina & the ECO - lightbulb

Gina & the ECO - lightbulb

I had a real Aha lightbulb moment this morning reviewing my notes from the Mike Harris talk (see yesterday’s post). I think I constantly fall into the trap of approaching business from the point of view of what I know about my skills that I can leverage instead of just focussing on creating a business around a problem that exists in the market and which needs solving. Knowing that others have the skills then all I need do is assemble the right team for the problem-solving instead of me thinking “I don’t know HOW to do that so I won’t start THAT business”. That’s given me a whole new outlook on forming my next business. I can focus on innovative, creative thinking in areas I am passionate about then bring the dream team together. Simple. (I love this photo – it’s me with a Lemnis low energy LED lightbulb because if you ARE going to have a lightbulb moment it might as well be with one that lasts 35 years!! This bulb is a special demo one that does not require electricity to work. Pretty cool technology. Watch out for it over the next decade).


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