Posted by: ginalazenby | July 19, 2008

Lessons from the dog whisperer

dog whisperer at workCesar Millan on Sky Three is my new guru!

I discovered him on a brief channel flick and he is amazing. I am not a dog owner but I am learning more from him about the human condition than the best of the current best-sellers! As one dog-owner put it: ‘He makes people do what they think they can’t do. They think they need someone else to come in and do it but he shows them how they can’. Basically, he balances dogs that are out of control because their owners don’t know how to discipline them. “If you’re not seen as a Leader the dogs will take over. It’s not about being a dog-lover, it’s about being a pack-leader,” says Cesar. He points out that dogs are constantly reading our energy, taking clues from how we feel and what we are projecting – and not what we are saying. We do the same with people except it’s not so easy to see the response in other humans because we are always masking our feelings. You can’t get away with that with dogs – they know what’s going on and react to the truth not the veneer. “It’s not what you say to the dog, it’s the energy behind your words” he says. If you want insightful lessons on leadership and communication then this is the show to watch!

See my post June 09 ‘Lessons from doghouse

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  1. LOVE Cesar Milan. Thanks to Netflix here in the States, yours truly has watched at least 20 episodes. His wisdom was key to creating the best human-canine relationship I know of (the one between me and Sasha, of course!).

    Another dear friend of mine, Harriette, has blogged on her dog; worth a read at


  2. Gina, I am missing our labrador Bonny, back home in Oz being minded by a house full of teenage girls. Last I heard, they have given her a make over; swapped her pretty red collar (blonde labs look great in red) for a black collar with silver studs. Not sure if it’s an evening or punk look!
    I need dog energy; unconditional love, unbridled affection! Where would we be without our dogs.
    PS I never thought I was a cat person until I saw that picture of your Poppy! What a character!

  3. […] of my favourite programmes on TV is the Dog Whisperer. (See my post from last year). This is where the TV actually teaches me something useful!  I love Cesar Romero. I don’t […]

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