Posted by: ginalazenby | July 23, 2008

How to make jacket potatoes in a saucepan

baked potatoes

baked potatoes

Instead of using an oven (or a dreaded microwave for baking jacket potatoes) just select some lovely new potatoes, place them under water in a saucepan with a lid, turn the gas up high before leaving to go up to your office to make a quick phone call – then forget about them for an hour. When you suddenly remember that you had started to cook lunch, you’ll smell something toasty as you leave your office and you might be a bit concerned about what awaits you in the kitchen. Inside the very hot saucepan will be perfectly baked jacket potatoes with soft white flesh inside and crispy skins, some of which you might have to cut off if they are a bit dark. Voila – lunch is served! The pan will be as hot as the surface of the sun so don’t try this at home folks.



  1. Gina, I love this delightful, sophisticated recipe for spuds and pot burning. Great stuff. Reminds me of wrapping spuds in foil and throwing them in the campfire and they end of all black but truly yummy with lots of butter! Or the great Aussie damper of flour, salt, water (or beer) wrapped in foil and blackened in the campfire. I think it is the mesmerising fire, night sky, red wine and sing along with friends that makes the tucker so scrumptious! Such simple pleasures!

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