Posted by: ginalazenby | July 26, 2008

breakfast for feathered friends – feeding the pheasants!

Breakfast in the Healthy Home – even the local pheasants have heard how healthy the breakfasts are in our Wholefood Kitchen. The dearest, sweetest things – these two wild pheasants come to my kitchen door each morning and peck on the glass looking for me. I have moved on from handing out oats and old grains from my larder to buying their own special food packed full of seeds. Mrs Pheasant was absent for a while and although I briefly worried about her she has reappeared along with her 3 chicks which she has been hatching. They made their first visit yesterday. Anyone who comes on the Healthy Home retreat this summer will meet this pair as they appear each day and get bolder all the time. Bless.

UPDATE: April 2009. They are back! I suppose it is no surprise that these birds live longer than one season but it’s re-assuring to know that they survived the winter and came scurrying back to my doorstep. They remembered me (well the food anyway!)   And they are more confident and less tentative than last year.



  1. My Grandmother had a duck. And every morning that duck would present herself at the kitchen door. She would then insist my Grandmother followed her to her nest and would proudly show off her eggs, which my Grandmother would dully collect. If Grandma didn’t give the duck enough congratulations in strokes and approving vocal tones the duck would follow her all the way back to the kitchen squawking loudly in protest. Probably intoning something like “well the least you could do is say thank you, you try squeezing four of those out a day!”

    I had pigeons as a child who’d come to my garden-less flat’s window sill every morning and get fed by me. Mr & Mrs Brownsburg were one pair and Tommy and Mabel the other. One day Mabel didn’t come anymore and Tommy grew more sad and disheveled as the months went by. His grief was tragic.

    Makes you think that the expressions ‘bird brain’ intended meaning is a bit wide of the mark!

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