Posted by: ginalazenby | July 29, 2008

bird in the hand

Of course we all know this means “two in the bush” but what about “one in the kitchen”? The danger in leaving the kitchen door open to let the summer heat in, is that birds sometimes fly in. Last night’s visitor was a baby wren and after the initial shock of hearing frantic fluttering against a window, I had the delight of seeing this tiny little creature up close. So gorgeous. In the end he was captured with a napkin for his own safety and before we let him go, I managed to take a photo of him peeking through Morel’s cupped hands. I was about to set the camera to video and get a film of his release but he was off, jettisoning himself at hyper speed through the tiny gap. Over the last 11 years we have created such a beautiful garden here in the Healthy Home that we are now the resort of choice for many migrating and nesting birds and have seen many babies born this year.


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