Posted by: ginalazenby | July 30, 2008

all natural hair

all natural hair

all natural hair

I have just made my first visit to a toxin-free hair salon – in Yorkshire! – and I found out it is in my local village, hidden away in a back street. James Wood made contact with The Healthy Home to let me know about his salon in Cross Hills (near Keighley, West Yorkshire ) where he offers “an alternative to the toxic nightmare that is the average Hair salon” providing ammonia-free colouring and highlighting, natural and organic materials, chlorine-free water, air cleaners, low emf electrical appliances and natural solvent-free decor. He is also a qualified Homeopath and eft practitioner. Wow! The little treasure has been on my doorstep for the last 20 years, with the last two offering this natural hairdressing approach. AND I NEVER KNEW!   James has not found that other hairdressers are interested in following his example. Maybe not, but I am sure their customers are interested!  What do you think?
Here is me taking a sneaky photo with my Apple iPhone pretending to send a text message. Devilish little camera!


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