Posted by: ginalazenby | August 1, 2008

focus on what you love

I had an interesting Aha! when I watched the One Show on BBC this week when they reported on the opening of Benjamin Britten’s Suffok home on the Aldeburgh coast. It seems to have been closed for 25 + years but the interior and contents are all as they were when the composer lived there. They described his typical day. He’d get up, walk along that beautiful and very long east coast beach that is uniquely Albeburgh, breakfast and then go to his study to write music. And I thought “Oh to do what you are good at everyday!”. I could see him at work and I could feel the pleasure of sitting down to focus on what you have a gift for and what gives you joy. How many days do I do that? I noticed that the reporter did not say that the composer tried to write music, that he spent the morning doing ‘stuff’ and then saw what time was left over for his precious music. He arranged his life so he could focus on what he was brilliant at. That is the message in Wealth Dynamics (which I am a teacher and therefore student of) – get in to your flow by doing what you are good at and therefore enjoy, and leave to others everything that you are not good at and don’t enjoy. Simple really. What am I going to do this morning?

Check out this lovely video of a sculpture honouring Benjamin Britten on Aldebugh beach with his music, filmed at dawn.


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