Posted by: ginalazenby | August 2, 2008

Abba mania

I had a great shopping trip today – I went with a friend, Susan, and a list of what I needed which turned out to be a smart move as I bought some great, well-considered additions to my wardrobe and I will be able to create many new outfits from things I already have. My friend had a good eye for what worked and we both found ourselves saying: “What would Gok do with this top?” or “Would Trinny and Susannah approve of this?”. Most helpful! It was almost like we took them shopping just by asking the questions! Anyway, there was only one downer on the day and that was the store’s obsession with playing Abba music. I had already enjoyed listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack in Susan’s car then we were greeted with Dancing Queen which I skipped into the store to, and this was quickly followed up by Money, Money, Money and you name it … they played it – for four hours. There should be a law against doing that to innocent shoppers. I tried to blot out the sound of the Swedes when I found myself singing along then occasionally in the changing room, I’d hear Thank You For the Music and have flashbacks to various moments on the dancefloor over the last three decades. My life was literally flashing in front of my eyes! Think about the staff though, with no choice but to be submitted to for their entire working day. Surely this is a serious breach of some Health & Safety Regulation? Let’s hope that ALL shops don’t catch on to this Abba revival mania or else Gimme Gimme Gimme could be the soundtrack to our entire lives!

This reminds me of a recent interview with Robin Gibb when he said that back in the 1970s, the BeeGees were SO successful and SO played on the radio, that some radio stations took to promising listeners weekends when no BeeGees music would be played at all.  It would be a sad day if Abba were banned!


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