Posted by: ginalazenby | August 3, 2008

Seth Godin on sliced bread

another picture of a light bulb (see earlier posts!)

another picture of a light bulb (see earlier posts!)

I recently discovered this brilliant video of a TED talk by Seth Godin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. He refers to the invention of sliced beard at the start of the last century and how nothing happened for 15 years after so much effort went into inventing and making the machine. Technically it was a failure until a company called ‘Wonder’ came along and figured out how to spread the idea and use this amazing invention – the best thing since …… ? Seth makes a great point that success does not come from patents, it comes from getting ideas to spread. He says we are living in a century of ideas diffusion which TV was at the heart of. The modus operandi of the TV industrial complex was to interrupt people, grab them by the throat and sell them something. That is no longer working as we shift to a time where people feel the world revolves around them and they do not want to be interrupted – they have way too much choice now and so much less time. The only way to get noticed Seth says, is to be remarkable. It is now a totally different process that determines which ideas spread and which don’t. Previously companies made average products for average people but now you have to market to innovators and early adopters who will listen and then spread the word to their friends. He says we now have to tap into people’s obsessions – you have to sell to the people who are listening. The riskiest thing now in business is to play safe – the safe thing to do is to be at the fringes and be remarkable.


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