Posted by: ginalazenby | August 5, 2008

Business lessons from The Beatles

Author of The Beermat Entrepreneur

Author of The Beermat Entrepreneur

Business talks do have the potential to be a bit of a bore but when business author Mike Southon (The Beermat Entrepreneur series) shares his insights through the music of The Beatles then that makes for a most enjoyable night out. In fact, with Mike having the alter-ego of Mike Fab-Gere, professional musician and entertainer, it made for a rather hilarious event and it’s much easier to learn when you are having fun. I’d highly recommend this approach. He took the principles he talks about in his Beermat book and used the Beatles and their music as the example: creating a solution to a problem in the market; focusing so that you are doing what you do best but BETTER than anyone else; building a team with the right mix of profiles; finding a mentor (Epstein); finding your first customer (George Martin); get into the flow by being inspired and be ready for the critical moments when they come. It also helped that Mike is an accomplished musician who knew the background story of the Beatles, played recordings of interview with them and pointed out learnings from the lyrics they wrote. I’ve known Mike for a few years and most recently seen him as a mentor at Roger Hamilton’s Entrepreneur School. This was Mike at his foot-tapping best – a brilliant example of the success of merging two passions that really engage people – music and business. Mike is performing this event in Manchester on August 28th – do go if you can. Check out this event repeated at the Preston Marrriott:

Catch Mike in his regular column in the FT:

Great resources & his books on this site:

Check out the 60s music in Mike Fab-Gere’s video:


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