Posted by: ginalazenby | November 7, 2008

Amazing new energy on the planet this month

I get a lot of support and direction from checking in with various people and resources that read the energy of the planet – and I mean psychically and spiritually. This current reading for the month of November 2008 (from Solara) was just passed to me and I feel it perfectly resonates with the experience I am having. The reading describes this month as a time of powerful transitions where many of us will go through a recalibration and the ride that changes us from who we are at the start, to the different person we will be at the end of the month, will take us to an entirely new landscape. Solara talks about a complete reconfiguration of what we previously thought to be true. Like many others I have met, I have been searching intensively for the last 2-3years to find out what my new role will be. In Solara’s reading I was struck by this piece: “We will encounter new kindred people with whom we share a deep alignment of both essence and purpose. We will receive major glimpses of our New Landscape. More of our Sealed Orders will burst open, aligning us with the emerging next level of our true purpose.” I have felt for some time that I just needed to trust and follow the signs without having a real, definite sense of where I have been going but that when I needed to know, and the time was right, I would be told and guided. I am even MORE excited about the month ahead.

11_08 SOLARA.doc
(I have been through the document and underlined key points for a faster read).


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