Posted by: ginalazenby | November 17, 2008

What women really think

women-thinkThere was a huge feature in the Sunday Telegraph magazine and a big splash on the news pages about a survey the paper had done into “the values, habits and role models of modern women”. Very interesting. The lead paragraph said, ” Almost two out of five women now see themselves as feminists, research for Stella magazine has revealed. However, nearly three out of four women would rather have a man, than a woman, as their boss.” This is interesting; I am wondering whether the distillation and findings would have been any different if they had been done by women – the writers of this report were both men. (You know how research can be influenced by the researcher/observer – read Lynne McTaggart’s THE FIELD and her work on Intention Experiments) I am really trying to get my head around why women would prefer a male boss. Answers on a postcard please.

One key piece out of this research is that “Women today see balancing their work and home lives as their biggest challenge”. Et voila, that is my mission. I am right on target with my goal to support women in their business success but not at the expense of having their life and home get out of balance. There is some good material here and food for thought.

Revealed in this Sunday Telegraph article:

This is how the story was reported in India:


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