Posted by: ginalazenby | November 18, 2008

Entrepreneur Circle

Some of the attendees for the Women's Entrepreneur Circle

Some of the attendees for the Women's Entrepreneur Circle

During National Enterprise Week I hosted an Entrepreneur Circle for Women. My co-host was Julie Hall of Women Unlimited, an online support community for women entrepreneurs. The goal for our 3-hour session was to explain what each woman’s Wealth Dynamics Profile meant. Some women already knew their profile and were attending to make distinctions while others were completely new to the idea. Finding out my own profile was one of the best things I have done for myself and my work. It has given me much greater clarity for how I should show up in a business, what I am good at and what I should absolutely leave to others. We women are such great multi-taskers but you don’t stay in your flow when you try to do everything!  We covered a great deal of ground in the session and each woman left with great insights into the best way to get into flow – and therefore have more confidence and less stress.  I asked each of them: ‘ What are you Number One at?, what is it that is uniquely you and in what location?’ They reacted like I did when I first had that question put to me by Roger Hamilton. I squirmed a bit and felt a great reluctance to put myself up there as number one in anything. But I have since come to understand that we need to be absolutely clear what we are the “go-to” person for. How can anyone recommend us if they are not perfectly clear about what we do, for whom and where. By the time the session was over we had all generated a shift when the women could confidently claim exactly where they were Number One. Result!

Get your own Wealth Dynamics Profile done online

Women Unlimited website


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