Posted by: ginalazenby | November 20, 2008

The Women are Gathering

xlwomennovOn Global Women’s Entrepreneur Day I co-hosted an event for women entrepreneurs with my friend and colleague Mynoo Blackbyrn. Mynoo and I have been running a monthly Women’s Gathering for female members of the international Entrepreneur network XL. Out of a larger community of about 60, half will attend each month and we host the events in our homes in central London. We prefer the privacy and intimacy that you can create in a home environment. After our first meeting the women who gathered said they would like to share in the cooking (Mynoo is a fabulous cook) so we now have a routine where those who would like to, arrive at 4pm to be part of the cooking team (about 8 usually) then everyone else arrives at 6pm. We have 2 hours of chatting, networking, drinking and eating then we sit down in a circle for a more formal business gathering. There’s usually some general news to share to start with and I often report in on some escapade I have been on then each woman gets the chance to share who she is, what she needs support with this month and any services she might be offering. It’s a very vibrant community and many collaborations and deep friendships have been made. We have all witnessed each other blossom and flourish, and I believe one of the features that has brought this community together very quickly and created an important circle of trust is the connections we have made through cooking together. It is what traditional women have always done and it is very powerful. Add on our focussed business process and we are dynamite!


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