Posted by: ginalazenby | November 22, 2008

Finding a kinky niche helped this business survive



I’ve just watched the movie Kinky Boots for the nth time. It’s one of my favourites. Not only is it inspirational but it’s a great business story.  I won’t give the game away too much BUT .. it’s about a traditional shoe manufacturer based in Northampton (THE shoe city where I have lived) where 3 generations of Prices have crafted quality men’s shoes. That’s until the 4th generation is forced to take over when Price the elder dies suddenly and we find out that the order book is empty, while the production line is STILL churning out shoes.

Times have changed and people are no longer buying shoes that last a lifetime. As young Mr Price is very reluctantly handling his 15th redundancy conversation, he is accused of being inept and told to change the product. Change with the times, find a niche market is the cry from a now jobless young employee. Watch the movie to see how it unfolds but this is a great story of survival and coming back from the edge.

This strait-laced factory reinvents itself and sets a new course for the Milan Fashion Show to launch its new range of thigh-high, red snakeskin and patent leather skin-tight, high-heeled, sex-on-legs boots for transvestites (oh, and lets not forget the built-in whips!).  A real niche market!  How out of the box can you think?  What lengths can you go to to find a niche and become number one in it?



  1. Hello Gina, I have just had a luxury moment at the desk during which I have read your blog and watched the video preview of ‘kinky boots’. Priceless, inspirational, hilarious and worth every luxury moment I spent reading about it and watching the clip. Can’t wait to see the whole Dvd. Keep blogging, sharing and living life to the full, which you so obviously have been since we last met, Susanne

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