Posted by: ginalazenby | November 24, 2008

Launch of the mango juicer

Samantha Backman & Gina Lazenby having fun

Samantha Backman & Gina Lazenby having fun

At the same evening I reconnected with Samantha Backman, an extraordinary woman from Australia who I met at an Entrepreneur School in Bali. She’s a Homotoxicologist who is passionate about natural health and women’s wellbeing in developing countries, a TV presenter of a show called ‘A Bloody Brilliant Lifestyle” and a stand-up comedienne. Oh, and she also likes to be known as the Vagina Doctor. You couldn’t make it up could you? She shared a platform with Getrude and is collaborating with her over the FGM (female genital mutilation) awareness campaign. Her contribution to this has been to design a product that is useful for women who have experienced FGM and when also bought by other women, it acts as a fund-raiser for women’s rights. What she has done is quite clever really. You can imagine that if your clitoris has been removed then sex is never going to be the same again so Samantha designed a tool to hit the G-spot so FGM women could achieve an internal orgasm. Imagine selling this into this sensitive market – its never going to reach the end user is it? Not unless it is a kitchen gadget. So Samantha’s cheeky and useful invention is called a ‘Mango Juicer’. (FGM women will invariably live in regions with abundant mango plantations). If you are familiar with fresh mangoes then you might get they are not like oranges. Without giving too much away I am going to recommend you buy one – think about those poor women you will be supporting (and the fun you could have seeing if it works). ( I can’t believe I’m writing all this). (!) Thanks Samantha. To get your Mango Juicer, click here:

Catch Sam and Getrude speaking in the north west on Monday December 1st.



  1. Go Sam… Get it OUT there girl!

  2. i live in ireland and i heard you on the gerry ryan show. I want to purchase a mango juicer. how do i get one.

  3. […] – doing good as well If you read my November posts you will remember the story about the launch of the Mango Juicer. If you order one pronto by Monday Dec 22nd then the UK office will post them immediately in time […]

  4. Working for Ann Summers leaves you open for weird and wonderful questions… On this occassion a lade walked into the store enquiring about so mentioned ‘mango juicer’, normally my response would have been ‘what the eck is that’, however on this occassion I was actually able to respond and infact put her in touch with yourselves. Just goes to show its a small world.

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