Posted by: ginalazenby | December 1, 2008

Are Microsoft trying to take a bite out of the big Apple?

I'm a PC

If you are a Mac user and part of the Apple cult like I am, you will be familiar with the hilarious ads called “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC”. They poke such wonderful fun at Microsoft so I can’t understand why Microsoft would borrow the headline and create a campaign called “I’m a PC”. Nobody would really get the joke except an Apple person and then of course it only serves to highlight that if you were truly one of the people on their billboards (like the woman surfer here) you absolutely wouldn’t be using a PC.

In case you are a PC owner just consider if you LOVE your PC or if you simply use it. I LOVE my Mac and it is my co-worker and creative companion throughout each day. Have a laugh, watch the movie below – thanks to Bert Verdonck for sending it to me.

Watch a movie of all the Apple ads:

You can see how a trend has been set and wii have created a saucy version of Playstation vs wii


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