Posted by: ginalazenby | December 4, 2008

Report of break-in


There was a break-in this week at the Healthy Home and the photos above tell the story. It was very dark as I walked through the house; I’d been in my office and the rest of the building was without any lighting as it was late, mid-winter afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and could see (and sense) that someone was standing at the kitchen door, dimly backlit by early moonlight. It was a very unsettling moment to say the least. By the short height of the stranger (4 feet) I knew I was in trouble. Of course my immediate reaction was to grab my camera and once a photo had been taken I opened the door and shouted unrepeatable instructions to the sheep and his 60 friends on my lawn. I then single-handedly herded the naughty little blighters out of my back field (in the dark all you can see is their eyes reflecting back the flash in my camera) and watched as they audaciously walked out over my cattle grid!!  The photo in the daylight is one culprit looking all cocky and not the least bit sheepish the next morning in the neighbouring field.

Are you interested in the feng shui perspective on this episode? You didn’t know there was one? Well there is. I won’t share the full story here now (another time) but living in 2 homes gives me the opportunity to notice that when one thing happens in one house, it usually happens in another. This prompts me to track events and ask myself questions about what they might mean.  Everything has a meaning and the potential to deliver a message to us. A break-in by sheep is a violation of boundaries, a lapse in security, and indicates a need for extra vigilance and protection. So for me I need to look at my infrastructure and work out where the vulnerability is so I can fix it. The physical reason for the sheep coming in was a build up of snow over the cattle grid which meant it didn’t look as forbidding as usual, so the sheep found some extra courage to come in to my garden which they know is full of goodies to eat. In times of scarcity when their grazing pasture was completely covered with snow they were much more daring and so ventured over the grid which is not normal behaviour. So I have to ask myself, what is it about current economic times that might make other parties around me bolder out of their necessity that would make it important for me to look at my security and potentially vulnerable areas of weakness?  Get my drift?  See where this goes?   Everything that happens around us reflects back in some way energy patterns and issues going on in our lives.  Think about where this might be happening for you.


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