Posted by: ginalazenby | December 6, 2008

Personal Cashflow Crisis – averted!

Gina on the sheepskin market stall, Sheep Street, Skipton (means sheep town)

Gina on the sheepskin market stall, Sheep Street, Skipton (means sheep town)

Here is another feng shui insight for you. For some time now I have been annoyed by my purse and the flawed design which means that the coins fall out into my handbag through the gap at the end of the zip. The older my lovely pink purse gets the more the gap opens up. Hmmm! From my years of working with feng shui I am clear that this is a call to action for me to watch where money is slipping away, unnecessarily, out of my life – somewhere. I know this; I have had a hole in my purse before (that time it was a rip rather than part of the design) and I noticed a shift after I bought a new purse. This week, as the coins scattered over the floor when I took my purse out of my bag, I knew I had to take action and not just THINK about taking action. So on Saturday I set off to Skipton market to the leather stall and bought a bright, tightly-zipped new purse as a symbol of my desire and commitment to rout out any corner of my personal or business cashflow that needs more rigour. You might like to think about what messages you are receiving about your personal finances and whether they need some action – somewhere. If you look there will be clues.

What has broken that needs fixing?

What is not designed well in the first place?

If you have read my last post about the sheep break-in you might find it amusing to see behind me a sheepskin hanging up for sale.



  1. What good advise – purses are used every day, and hence our interaction with them says lots about how we live our lives. Any problems here as you suggest are usually about finances, however, I believe they can also be about structure. If we are unable to get the basics right how can we follow through on more complex organisation in our lives?
    Keep up the good work.

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