Posted by: ginalazenby | December 19, 2008

The Magic Sunglasses

If only they were real!  Business woman Angela Buck has come up with a brilliant idea for helping kids with their self esteem – it’s a book called The Magic Sunglasses which tells the story of a young girl who changes from being an awkward, shy 7 year old who does not think much of herself to a confident and talented young pop star after putting on the Magic Sunglasses and finding out her true value. This is an inspirational idea for empowering kids and one that Angela wants to take all over the world. If you are a parent or have a connection and interest in education then maybe you have an idea or contact that would help Angela.  She is based in London – watch the short video interview I did with her about this project. Angela Buck has just launched this new book THE MAGIC SUNGLASSES under the pseudonym Auriel Blanche. Check out her website.

What I love in the book is the character ‘Harry Hypealot’ – he’s the pop impresario who sounds a lot like Simon Cowell. Funny how Angela dreamed up this character and concept of a young popstar competition YEARS before X-Factor came on the scene.


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