Posted by: ginalazenby | December 20, 2008

Step aside Bridget Jones and her BIG pants, check out Maria’s Magic pants

Seamless engineering at its finest

Seamless engineering at its finest

I connected with clothes designer Maria Grachvogel this week and she revealed, nay boasted!, about how she can make ANY woman look good in clothes, especially trousers – even making them look slimmer. Hmmm! That’s impossible I thought. I decided to take her up on her outrageous challenge and visited her Knightsbridge couture salon.  Never been in one of those before but when the designer invites you in herself then somehow it does not seem so scary. Anyway I tried on said pants.  Step back in amazement ……. I looked good, no, correction, I looked fabulous. It was only 11 in the morning and I even felt sexy.  Then the bombshell. Maria had handed me a pair of trousers one size smaller than my normal size!  OMG….

And even with a week of eating mince pies, I still fit into them.  Incredible. She confided that it’s all in the cut, something she has been perfecting over the last decade – trousers with no side seams and skirts with no seams at all! Even the fabric, cut so breathtakingly on the bias, has been specially treated to both mold round the body,  support the bits that tend to stick out (like the bum and tum) AND have a lovely flow as well. She’s wonderwoman, she’s not a designer, she’s some kind of sculptor or engineer doing amazing things with clothes!  Granted there are some tight clothes where, if I am not careful I can look like a snake that has swallowed a sheep – me having that Sophia Loren- hourglass figure and all that can be both a curse and a blessing!  But Maria has found a way to sculpt panels in key places so that never happens.  Which means that with the right-cut clothes you can look fabulous without having to breath in and eat only salad for dinner. She’s right, she can make any woman look good regardless of height, width and depth. What a discovery.  If you are in Knightsbridge check out the shop.  Maria Grachvogel And I have just noticed that she is starting an online service so I’ll let you know when that happens.  Looks like I can relax a bit more with the mince pies over Christmas and still look good. Pigs can actually fly – who would have thought?



  1. sounds great – I am heading that way as well as working towards losing that 7 kilos asap
    Gina I love all your information -do you want to get any info from us girls that we come across and make a feature ? like cream thyat stops hairs getting block after depilatories – have a great one keep it coming
    alos think you should defintiley plan to make a name for yourself as an interviewer = you are natural, relaxed and so comforting and ask all the right questions – what are your plans here? do you need suggestions
    many thanks x Angela Buck

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