Posted by: ginalazenby | December 30, 2008

high tech fitness – love it!

gina-wiiMy favourite Christmas present this year was a Wii console (Nintendo game player). Of course I am not going to play any games on it but I intend to use it with the Wii Fit Balance Board that I got for my birthday in August. (What I did not know back then was that you also needed a console  in order to play the Wii Fit!  So I ended up waiting until Christmas and got the console.) It only took three guys to get it working: one to unpack it and wire it up, another to get it to actually play on my big screen TV and a third to re-wire it so we could get sound playing through. I have used it everyday and it has surpassed expectations.  I have got my own personal trainer and love it when he tells me I am doing “fantastic” and says “well done”. I know it is only a computer talking to me but it keeps me going.

At first when I set it up and it put me through a Body Test I didn’t do so well as I am not familiar with games so I was a bit unsteady as I tried to follow instructions. The system got the idea that I was a bit geriatric and gave me a Wii age of 66. Charming! I have since been practising daily and my age has gone down to 7 years below my chronological age which is a big morale-booster. You get scored and ranked on each exercise so I am pleased I have done well with the yoga routines as that is familiar territory for me. What surprised and delighted me was the 100% score I got in the Strength Training section and I got the label “Muscle Hero”. Brilliant!  I am hooked and I have to say that ANYTHING that entices me to exercise is worth its weight in gold.


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