Posted by: ginalazenby | December 31, 2008

Women with a bright idea

_45337858_006469331-1I caught a wonderful news item on the radio today and quite a few publications round the world picked it up.  Women in Naples are genuinely fed up with their menfolk letting off illegal and dangerous fireworks in the city on New Year’s Eve so they have decided to take action – or precisely no action. They have threatened to withhold sex if the men go ahead.  So this has made news across the world including the BBC. Why haven’t we thought of this before when we have failed to negotiate through other means for what we wanted?  And bless them, these women did this as an organised group too. Good for them.   Pity the USA bankers’ wives didn’t get together earlier this year and threaten their menfolk if they didn’t clean up their act at work and be less greedy. That might have made a difference to the global economy.


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