Posted by: ginalazenby | January 2, 2009

Life lessons from my Wii Fit machine

You'd feel good if a guy said this to you each morning!

You'd feel good if a guy said this to you each morning!

First of all I love it!  I love my trainer when he says that my posture is fantastic (I known it is a computer-generated voice but my psyche is lapping it up as if it was real) and I get a kick out of improving my personal scores the more I train on it.  Interestingly, some of the exercises or games where I expected to do OK I have done badly on. I think I have worked out that I have been trying too hard. The idea is to tilt on the Balance Board and not actually leap to catch a hula-hoop – because it is not actually a REAL hula-hoop!   When I keep my movements more subtle then my score goes up. Hmmmm.   Significantly, the white board that you stand on is not called an Exercise Board it’s called a BALANCE Board and that’s because it teaches …….. balance. There is a clever mechanism that is constantly feeding back to you where your centre of gravity is. It’s wonderful feedback because where else would you get that kind of information about whether you are centred or not.  It’s brilliant. Today I got another “Muscle Hero” award (they should change their language for us female users, I mean who really wants to be a MUSCLE HERO, eh girls?). And I got this from doing the stretches and keeping in balance rather than exerting too much effort. Thank you, point taken.
So that’s a good life life lesson. There is always a message in everything we do. Where else in life have been I putting too much and unnecessary effort in, when I could have achieved the same result with more ease and fun?  It reminds me of when I got this lesson before.  I was given a beautiful gift by Dadi Janki, head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.  It was a slice of amber with a point of light on the front. I could not open the clasp at the back, I really did everything I could – rived at it, got out the pliers – nothing worked. When my Dad came to visit I asked him if he could open it somehow and gave him my toolbox to help him. He showed me that the clasp was simply a magnet and that all I needed to do was gently pull the clasp apart instead of trying to untwist it. Classic!  I had put a lot of sweat into that and all along, all I had to do was, relax, breath, eh viola! –  the clasp is open.

Maybe there are parts of your life where too much effort is being put in and a little bit of subtlety and grace would be more helpful.

Something to think about …………



  1. […] I went to interview Dr Ali, famous for quite a few things: being Prince Charles’ doctor, having many celebrity & royal clients, writing a health column in the Mail on Sunday, and finally being the father of integrated medicine. It was this last context that interested me and was the reason for my interview.  Over the whole of the summer I have needed to take several months off in order to manage my health. For the first time in YEARS I have actually been to a doctor. Long story short, I have had the opportunity to witness at first hand some of the workings of the national health service, private medicine and the tussle between alternative treatments versus pharmaceutical drugs. (One doctor rolling her eyes when I talked about my endeavours with special nutrition and homeopathy while another was excited that the ‘alternative’ stuff was working!)  It’s all been a very interesting journey, and rather debilitating. An additional side effect of me being out of action and laid up for so long is that my back became very weak, and I damaged it while trying to get fit doing hula hoop on my wii Fit machine (don’t say ANYthing!).  See earlier posting about wii. […]

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