Posted by: ginalazenby | January 3, 2009

Thoughts on the New Economy

Gina visiting Joanie from the Fortunate Blessing Foundation in the USA, pictured with the Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin

Gina pictured here visiting Joanie Spear from the Fortunate Blessings Foundation in the USA, pictured with the Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin (the stone version of the goddess is pictured on the left!)

I’d like to share some moving thoughts that I received from my mentors, William & Joanie Spear, founders of an organisation in the USA called The Fortunate Blessings Foundation. William was my feng shui teacher for many years and Joanie and I have shared a Wellness Home Business for nearly a decade. They are amazing people and I loved their new year message which resonates so much with me about the new world order that I am here to co-create with many of you (email me and let me know who you are if we have not already connected). Do check out their website, they do incredible projects and education all over the world. Their post Tsunami and Asian earthquake fund-raising and relief work is truly inspiring. I am so blessed to know them and be part of their family.  Read this and take heart ………….

Change is everywhere, yet nothing has really changed.  Values are shifting, returning to a standard we always knew was real.  What matters most was hidden, buried under fear, suspicion and greed.  Deep inside, we all sensed the transformation and saw it coming.

Welcome to the new economy.

Forget to empty the trash and the truck will pull away without your excess.  Hold onto something you really do not need and you might wake up buried in clutter.  This is no time to hesitate, to worry or complain.  There is just this moment – now – and it is all around us.


We’re in the new economy.

Nature will not wait for things to get better; the universe is not out of balance. Infinity doesn’t care about sustained growth or profit.  The sun and the moon will not slow down next year. Snow still falls while the bears sleep.  Resting follows motion – it is as natural as smiling.  We just got distracted, but we have returned.

Welcome back.

Make room for light, hope and possibility.  Give up doubt and put an end to your troubles.  There’s a space for what is real now, for kindness and compassion.  It is our true nature.  Don’t waste a moment in dualism – it will pull us apart.  There’s work to be done, joy to be cherished.  Allow it all.  Breathe it in.  Trust the process.   Return to the one heart we share, unconditional love and a spirit of boundless gratitude.

We have been waiting with open arms.

The currency of the new economy is fortunate blessings.  We would deeply appreciate your support this season to make our economy even stronger.

We wish you and yours Health and Peace.

Joan and William Spear
and the staff of Fortunate Blessings Foundation

24 Village Green Drive
Litchfield, CT 06759, USA
Tel: +1 860 567 8801


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