Posted by: ginalazenby | January 7, 2009

Farewell to Poppy the low-carbon commuter cat

poppy-in-carI almost cannot bear to put a picture of my beloved cat Poppy here as she passed away rather suddenly in October and has left quite a hole in my life and the Healthy Home.   I am including her in my Blog because I have written about her here before (she has many online fans!) so you might be interested to know that she has left.

She was my travelling companion as I moved between my homes in London and Yorkshire. She was a massive presence at the Retreats I host. Whenever our weekend programme had some kind of significant moment or ritual she would casually walk in, watch, hold the space, then leave just as it finished. She was the mistress of timing. I was obviously very distressed after it happened and I was helped enormously by friend Lisa Bundfuss who did some tapping on my hands using emotrance.  I have to say, since she did that, I have remembered Poppy in thousands of moments but I have completely let go of the urge to sob. Thanks Lisa. That was very effective. Poppy’s picture here in a moving car (on the way to the station!) is a rare one where she is actually looking at the camera.   Poppy’s last Blog entry with her photographed in a London taxi.


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