Posted by: ginalazenby | January 9, 2009

WATCH OUT FOR Harmful chemicals in clothes – and food!

rashIn the Healthy Home book I have written about the use of formaldehyde in things like construction products and carpentry and how harmful this chemical is. According to Dr Mercola “the World Health Organisation, has designated formaldehyde as a known cause of several types of throat and nasal cancer.”

It seems that word of this carcinogenic nature has not yet reached the manufacturers of some of Victoria’s Secret bras.  Apparently it is used to help fabric be more crease resistant. A girlfriend of mine in the USA, sent me this report and photo.  I think we are going to hear more and more of the outing of suppliers who are using known deadly materials. Remember the widely publicised case last year of babies dying in China and thousands poisoned after being fed formula food that had been intentionally contaminated with melamine, normally used in plastics, but used to bulk up the milk?  ENOUGH! No more. This is unacceptable.  Trust in our big, well-known manufacturers is breaking down and this is another huge sign for change on the way, a tipping point is surely on the horizon.

Read what my friend has to say about her poisoned bras: “Sporadically, for over a year, I have been experiencing a very itchy, burning and blistering rash on my breasts. Dermatologists and MDs, homeopaths and NDs couldn’t figure out the cause except maybe rubbing from my bra causing some kind of contact dermatitis, allergic reaction to soap…. The rash was ONLY under my bra. I washed and washed my bras, I changed detergents, eliminated detergents and even resorted to trying cortisone creams and claritin. The only thing that worked was not wearing a bra for a few weeks so it could clear up, which is fine in most situations, but there are times when ya just gotta have some support and then I’d get the rash. Well, I just found out why ……” read up about bras from Victoria’s Secret.
Do check out the links below:
TV report on ABC News
Details of the law suit against Victoria’s Secret



  1. This is very interesting Gina. Not A VS bra but I have had similar reactions with other ones.

  2. I to have been experienceing itchiness around the area where my bra sits. Also my panty line,underarms and legs.

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