Posted by: ginalazenby | January 12, 2009

Feng Shui Talk in China – coals to Newcastle?

fengshuibookNewcastle may no longer be the centre of the coal-mining universe but we still know what this phrase means. We have a saying in England about taking something to a place that does not obviously need it. Internationally this translates as “selling ice to the Eskimos” if you get my drift. Anyway, I am giving a talk on Feng Shui in China which I have to say is quite exciting. What will they make of me, coming all the way over from Yorkshire, UK to tell THEM about Feng Shui? Surely not!

It may be a Chinese name but it refers to the flow of energy which is universal and timeless. In effect I shall be talking about FLOW and my goal is to explain how you can gain mastery over this without a Master. We are all connected and we are connected to everything around us, that’s why our close environment of home or work is really important. Everything is fractal, always reflecting the whole, so everything has meaning. It is a beautiful, empowering and exciting way of seeing the world. The universe is constantly speaking to you in symbols and patterns, all you have to do to understand the bigger meaning is to crack the code. That’s what I will be talking about in Hong Kong at the XL event. It’ll be like choosing the blue pill or the pill in The Matrix movie – once you know then there’s no going back, there’s no unknowing. When you can decode the messages that the universe is sending you all the time then you have the Personal Power you need to live a life much more in flow.

Do tell any contacts or friends in Hong Kong. Here is the link for the online leaflet and the booking site. The XL Entrepreneur network Hong Kong City team are sponsoring this event during my visit over Chinese New Year.

The photograph here is of my feng shui book which has been one of the top sellers in this field during the last decade because it is so simple and presents a more intuitive way of working. This is very different to the Compass school approach which is absolutely valid but a lot more complicated. I’ve had people weep with relief when they find their home is not actually a nightmare because it faces north west and they no longer need to move out of it immediately. Actually I have had my smaller book Simple Feng Shui translated into Mandarin and published in China (coals and Newcastle come to mind again!).

Book this event
Read the colour leaflet.
Please do forward these links on to any friends you have in Hong Kong.
I will also be coming to Australia in Feb/March and doing this programme.


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