Posted by: ginalazenby | January 14, 2009

Gordon Brown’s dinner table mix-up

buttonI like to clip interesting press cuttings (I have to admit to having hundreds!) and I just came across one I took recently about Sarah Brown (the Prime Minister’s wife) speaking at a women’s conference. It made the point that she had been unusually candid and did make me chuckle. Sarah was making lunch and asked her husband to put a table cloth on the dining table. Later on at supper she noticed buttons down the centre of the table and realised that Gordon had used a duvet cover (comforter) instead.  Bless.

I often discuss with women that we have the ability to transfer so many of our home organisation and juggling skills into business life. It’s a pity that you can’t seem to do this the other way round though!



  1. […] Gordon Brown is obviously devoted to his wife Sarah who has taken a high profile stance against maternal mortality (Millennium Development Goal no 5) and he often talks about what she is championing. He’s already said that if he loses the election “Sarah and I will do charitable work“. It is quite clear they are a team. These women clearly have something insightful to contribute so why can’t we hear from them?  I feel I can make a much better, more rounded judgment about the true character of a person when I get to know more about the one who has made a lifetime commitment to them. Somehow their whole persona gets fleshed out when you see the whole package (ie the woman behind the man!). I’ve written before about Sarah Brown delighting audiences with little asides about Gordon’s hilarious mistakes when laying the dining table! […]

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