Posted by: ginalazenby | January 15, 2009

Breakthrough in saving lives – a LIST!

Just announced on today’s TV news by BBC are the findings of a year-long study funded by the World Health Organization in 8 hospitals across the world. The results are quite spectacular – a near 50% reduction in the number of deaths after major surgery and a third less complications after operations. The new procedure is now going to be rolled out across all UK hospitals over the next year.  Guess what it is – a LIST. More specifically the BBC report says: “The checklist is made up of a single page that requires only a few minutes to complete”. I love the first question which asks them to check if they have the right patient – nice one!  Yes, it has been known that the wrong patient has had the wrong removed.

Brilliant isn’t it. I find that I get 100% of my life-saving food supplies for my kitchen when I go to the supermarket with a shopping list. I can vouch for this as a handy innovation which I have used for years. Pity they did not ask any woman who runs a household how she gets things done and I think she would also have endorsed the power of the checklist.

Read the full story online

Watch the video

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