Posted by: ginalazenby | January 26, 2009

Happy New Year from China

Building in Hong Kong with electronic moving billboard featuring the Ox and lucky gold coins for New Year

Building in Hong Kong with electronic moving billboard featuring the Ox and lucky gold coins for New Year

I’m here in Hong Kong celebrating the new year and really feeling the new energy coming in. This is the year of the Earth Ox which begins today,  26 January 2009, and ends on 13 February 2010. My feng shui astrologer friend Jon Sandifer says the Earth Ox will be especially welcome to everyone affected by 2008’s economic problems, because during the last Earth Ox year, 1949, the world’s economy recovered quickly from a severe recession. We can expect this particularly conservative Ox year to produce similar results, using Earth Ox’s reliance on calm, well thought out decisions and careful planning. The Ox is the most hard-working, modest, steady and reliable of all the animals. When an Ox year shows up, we are all encouraged to wear a yoke, knuckle down and work hard! During these difficult times, in terms of global finance, the conservative Ox will help us all to keep our feet on the ground, but in a slow and steady fashion.

As well as hard work, Ox year promotes a sense of duty and discipline. Like an Ox plowing the fields, we must contribute during an Ox year – this is not a time for laziness. Success is attained through diligent labor and conscientious effort. Begin by putting your affairs in order, especially your home. Stick to tried-and-true methods, careful actions, and routine behavior. Wild new concepts will not be well received; save them for the following Tiger year 2010. “Earth” businesses such as real estate, farming, food and nutritional supplement industries, practical household products and clothing should thrive.

People born in the year of the Ox share some characteristics with astrological sign Taurus, including dependability, decisiveness and a capacity for hard work – as well as monumental stubbornness! Famous Ox people are Princess Diana, Kiera Knightley and George Clooney. Ox people are more likely to be very modest, self-reliant and loners – although they’re devoted to family. Another now-famous Ox, President Obama, was born in 1961, the year of the Metal Ox, which gives him the characteristics of patience, dependability, hard work and determination, but with a spine of steel (metal) added to the mix.

More from sources:

Jon Sandifer & California Psychics


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