Posted by: ginalazenby | February 14, 2009

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

Short video of Righteous Mothers singing Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

Short video of Righteous Mothers singing Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

A friend of mine in the USA sent me this video some time ago as I often share the story that I read in Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book ‘Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women’.  Women are inspired by the stories of other women’s acts of courage and endeavour, large and small, and there is none more so than this. In 2002 in Nigeria, a group of women came together and decided to take action for justice: economic justice to secure jobs for their sons and grandsons and also to get electrical power for their unlit village. The source of their concern was the Chevron oil refinery which was lit up like a Christmas tree at night and was full of migrant workers flown in from overseas. You may know that the booming oil economy does not generally bring benefit for local, indigenous people.

The action they took was to invade the refinery and hold hostage several hundred male workers. They took their cooking pots with them to ensure they were sustained in their peaceful struggle. The mind truly boggles. With no weapons and a wall of men deaf to their demands, they threatened to disrobe, which would have been deeply offensive in the local culture. They got what they wanted and their story has spread around Africa and the globe.  This video is a folk song celebrating their actions and courage. Do watch and listen.  The chorus is “Knock it off, or we’ll take it off. We’re old fat naked women for justice”.  Tips for similar action inspired by this tale include: You must organise, keep your message clear, choose a sunny day and call the local press.  Go for it!!

Click here for video



  1. If possible I would like the words to the song from the video. Thank you in advance for your response to my request

    • Sorry Lois I don’t have the words – try googling them or make a note as you watch. Fun isn’t it?!

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