Posted by: ginalazenby | February 15, 2009

Brilliant woman behind a brilliant movement

Gina with Zainab Salbi

Gina with Zainab Salbi

I am working on the content for my programme on International Women’s Day (March 8th) in Sydney. It’s pretty exciting to be doing this and I have found a lovely woman to work with to promote and produce the event.  As the whole way of business changes and the game is starting to shift all over the world, there’s an opening for a change of rules. It’s time that women had more input – a greater say.  So part of our day will be conversations around how we as women can write the new rules of business – ones that work better for us, our families and the planet.  We will also look at what it takes to have success and have your WHOLE life work so I shall be covering some principles of Life Flow so that women can ensure they have a fully balanced life, home and business.  I will be talking about what it takes to be the NEW business woman.

As part of my research I came across my connection with the Women for Women International. I met the founder Zainab Salbi in London earlier this year and was deeply moved by the profound work she has been doing to support women in war-torn countries and since starting in 1993, her organisation has helped over 150,000 women to rebuild their lives.  They help the women survivors of war to move toward economic self-sufficiency with their year-long program of direct aid, rights education, job skills training, and small business development.  $42 million has been distributed in direct aid, microcredit loans, and other services. They have been highlighted by President Clinton for doing an outstanding job in emphasizing the role that women can play in economic development.  I was bowled over when I heard about the infrastructure they have created and the twinning they arranged for each woman to have a sponsor sister who writes encouragement and regularly donates a small amount of money.  They mobilise resources to help women “move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies”.



  1. I am a email member of IRC and loved hearing and participating via emails with the women of these countries. It breaks my heart they are in such positions but given new hope when I hear about women like Zainab Albi. Thank you for sharing this information. 🙂

    • Hello, I did not catch your name. What is the IRC out of interest? Thanks for sharing too.

  2. Gin here.

    IRC, refers to International Rescue Committee that also addresses providing aid to those in need. Here is the link there

    I first kept up with their Ivory Coast blogs about the help and changes they brought there. As I said, I am glad that women like Zainab Albi are around also pushing for changes. Thank you for sharing this info. I love hearing that support is out there.

  3. hi Gina
    I agree that to have a balanced life you must also have the business aspect and i believe now is the time for women to have that melding of their own ‘male’ aspect through their business workings with their ‘female’ aspect of nurturer. I for one have been continuing on my own entrepreneurial path for most of my life in one way or another and finding it difficult getting the connections and support that I need so to be privy of the workings of the men’s club I have joined my local business council and find this a step in the right direction for me. I hope to make it to Sydney for the IWD seminar that you will be presenting, just need to get someone who thinks that $200 is worthwhile to hear you speak and to bring thoughts into a new way of doing business as the way men have had it set up has yet again crumbled. i would love you to visit some of my blogs as they very much are a reflection of my interests and the direction I’m travelling in.

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  5. […] for Women International is an incredible organisation really creating change. Read my blog story from when I met the founder Zainab […]

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