Posted by: ginalazenby | February 15, 2009

Power of the Circle & Women Gathering

Brisbane Business women gather

Brisbane Business women gather

You may have gathered that I am travelling down under and right now I am in Brisbane (specifically sitting outside on a deck in the sun wondering if snow-covered Britain might bring relief to my mozzie bites!).  As I move around I am privileged to be connected to some wonderful networks and groups so friends and new friends are never far away.  I particularly love the opportunity to bring together groups of women for discussion circles, mostly around business. Yesterday was such a day and my friend and co-host Lesley Foley in Brisbane invited a dozen business women for what will likely be an inaugural event for future gatherings of women. Here we are assembled after our meeting and having enjoyed a bowl of home-made, home-grown pumpkin soup. The women were either Lesley’s friends or new connections through the XL Entrepreneur Global Network. It was great to have my Mum and Lesley’s daughter there too and meet across the generations!

The majority of women had their own business or were moving into creating some new venture as a new phase of life opened up. A common theme that cropped up was the tendency in the past for some to focus on perceived failures, faults and what they could NOT do without giving enough attention to all the amazing experiences they had had and the huge range of skills they had developed and the things they COULD do!  If women really want to be valued in the world for the contribution they can make then it is so important for us to value ourselves first. We have got to recognise and value our skills, gifts and talents.  There seemed to have been a shift and now many of the women stated their desire to play a bigger game, to step up and look at ways they could use their skills to make a much bigger difference. From the sharing it was obvious that there are many opportunities where collaboration could offer new joint ventures. When we women get together and talk honestly and openly about our skills and what we are good at, it’s much easier to see where we can work together and end up baking bigger pies.  It’s a privilege to host these conversation circles and see what can emerge.

Jean Shinoda Bolen in her book Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, she talks about the power of coming together in a circle.  “The circle is the opposite of hierarchy and when it specifically invites participants to speak from the heart and from their own experience, it enhances trust and compassion. It is a form and process that leads to sharing responsibility and caregiving …. Circles support authenticity and activism.” I highly encourage you to gather in circles for discussion, you’ll find it is a very powerful tool in business.



  1. Hi Gina
    You are doing some awesome work. I agree that magic can happen in circles. XL members are usually very special extraordinary people who are here to do extraordinary things.
    We are doing similar work in schools, opening children’s minds to the entrepreneurial spirit and the flow on effect to parents, Boards of Trustees, Universities, local business organisations, Chamber of Commerce etc has been phenomenal.

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