Posted by: ginalazenby | February 24, 2009

Inspiring wisdom from Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist being interviewed online talking about her event in Sydney on Feb 28th

Lynne Twist being interviewed online talking about her event in Sydney on Feb 28th

I have just come off an incredible video phone call this morning. Lynne Twist, one of the world’s greatest ever fund raisers and global activists, is preparing for a world tour with XL Entrepreneur Network Chairman Roger Hamilton to educate about the Pachamama Alliance and inspire people to take action to save the planet.
It was an hour of pure gold and here is the link for the recording for you to watch.

Lynne has worked with some very inspirational people including Mother Theresa and Buckminster Fuller and was the midwife of the movement called The Hunger Project which holds the crystal clear intention to end world hunger in our lifetime.  She talked of Mother Theresa’s advice for us to recognise that we are instruments of something greater and our lives will totally flourish when we surrender to a higher calling.  Lynne referred to the election of President Obama and said that he recognised that it was not him who was elected, it was HOPE and he is the instrument for that. This is a very special time in history and now more than ever we need to find our purpose, ask the universe to use us for that purpose and know that we are responsible for sharing with others the messages we receive.

Lynne talked about the current financial crisis – what some folks are calling a meltdown. She said “this is simply the appropriate unravelling of financial structures that do not support life itself”. For some time we have had an environmental crisis, a spiritual crisis (with spiralling rates of addiction, suicide and mental illness) and a social justice crisis (with a hugely widening gap between rich and poor) but we have managed to hold most of them at arm’s length in the halls of power. They are facets of the same crisis in the world but this crisis is right in our face and we can no longer ignore. Everybody could see this coming. Greed is over now.

I loved her call for us to re-examine wealth. She said we need to find the place of sufficiency and understand what is ENOUGH. We need to learn how to re-calibrate ourselves with true wealth and understand that the original meaning of the word wealth is well-being. We must value our inner resources in a way we have not done before.

Do you know what you are the instrument for?
Do you recognise your inner resources?

If you’d like to see Lynne Twist live on her World Tour then click here to book the event for free.

HONG KONG:  this Thursday Feb 26th,

SYDNEY: this Saturday Feb 28th where I will be attending

LONDON on Friday March 6th.

Tickets are free. Spread the word.

Lynne spent some time talking about wealth generation and business. This is a subject I am passionate about in terms of it being an expression of purpose. My stand in  the world is to bring feminine wisdom to the world of commerce.  This means that we need to do business not as usual. Now is the time for us to look at new ways of doing business that sustains us and where our wealth generating activities are about abundance and having enough. If greed is over then sustainability is IN – its the new black, as they say!   That’s what I will be covering on the International Women’s Day programme on March 8th when we look at being the NEW Business Woman and how we can get our lives into flow. Do join me in Sydney for that too next weekend.  Two life-changing weekends on the trot!



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