Posted by: ginalazenby | February 28, 2009

Women stepping forward to midwife in a new world order

Gina with Lynne Twist at the Pachamama Alliance event in Sydney

Gina with Lynne Twist at the Pachamama Alliance event in Sydney

The ‘What on EARTH are we doing’ day that I experienced in Sydney was really excellent. I was deeply moved. Lynne Twist showed us the importance of coming home to the needs of planet earth.  She referred to getting into a state of ‘Blessed Unrest’  and, for me, the exciting possibility of us all becoming the generating force of a new future. It really struck a chord with me when she said that environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment and social justice are all inextricably linked and inter-related facets of a whole.  The current financial crisis on the planet is simply the most confronting of the three and the hardest to avoid as it affects so many more people. The opportunity that comes from this is to midwife in the birth of a NEW structure and system that better serves humanity and the planet; one that is compassionate with love and respect for all  being deeply embedded in all practices.  Following the feminine reference and with International Women’s Day coming up next Sunday, I asked Lynne what special role she thought women might need to play.  I know that it is going to take the dialogue and efforts of all of us to emerge solutions to the crises we face, but what does she see women stepping forth to do?

Her answer was beautiful. She spoke of the south american legend of a mythical creature: the eagle as the bird of humanity which had a strong right wing but its left wing was weaker and did not work so well.  The right wing had to develop more and work harder. This was an analogy for how women have not been taking their rightful role. She said it was time now for the left wing to heal and become stronger and work alongside the right wing in an equal way. Women needed to strengthen their resolve, tend to their well-being and health, and become more confident. She advised that it was important for women to get in the game – a game which I refer to as one where we can be part of re-writing the rules. She said women needed to behave as women in that game, not as men. That is the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS.

She also spoke about the need to change the naming of ‘not-for-profit’ organisations to social profit. This would be the business of our time. Humanitarian organisations needed to learn how to be more competitive and businesses needed to learn how to be more collaborative, something which is of course more natural to women. By balancing these forces together, having all business balancing social and profits needs, then together we can create something greater and the eagle will soar higher with both its wings moving in harmony.  Lynne, this exactly describes the work I do and I am deeply grateful for the allegory and powerful image. Thank you for your inspiration, vision and guidance.

Lynne Twist and Marcia Martin will be speaking at the ‘What on EARTH are we doing’ day in LONDON on Friday March 6th. Rearrange your diary and go. For you non-UK residents then I believe the day might be recorded and transmitted so I will blog here when I know. Meanwhile book in for a free place.  You just have to go and meet these beautiful women.

In Sydney?  Join me on International Women’s Day when we look further at Lynne’s advice and wisdom, and I present ways in which we can do business more easily and get our lives and homes into flow (feng shui and more ……)

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  1. Hurray Gina. Great post, inspiring topic and I love the social profit concept! You look healthy and happy.

  2. Hi Gina. It was good to meet you in Adelaide. Having founded a Not-for-profit organisation, I would love to be able to call it a social profit organsiation! our new website opened for business this week.

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