Posted by: ginalazenby | April 16, 2009

World’s first online orchestra

Heard some wonderful inspiring news on the TV this morning. The world’s first internet orchestra just performed at Carnegie Hall in New York.  The YouTube orchestra had auditioned 3000 entrants online and viewers cast their votes for the winning 90 musicians who were flown to New York from 30+ countries across the globe.

Awesome. What a break with tradition!  They had never met or rehearsed before and yet orchestra leader, Michael Tilson-Thomas,  worked for just a few days to “harmonise a bunch of strangers” and “help them find each other” in order to perform a specially written Internet Symphony No 1.  Recording equipment is not normally allowed in a live performance auditorium but this time concert goers were allowed, ney encouraged, to record the event on their mobiles and post it online to their friends.

Another sign that times are changing. Classical music is known for being so stuffy and high brow that the idea of an orchestra made up of musicians selected by voting seems a wonderful move forward in people power.  Plus the idea of music being the catalyst that brought a disparate group together so quickly.  Bring it on! We need more of that the world over.

Watch the clip and read the news story.


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