Posted by: ginalazenby | June 3, 2009

The language of energy, more powerful than words. Woof!

Found on a cute dog site

Found on a cute dog site

One of my favourite programmes on TV is the Dog Whisperer. (See my post from last year). This is where the TV actually teaches me something useful!  I love Cesar Millan. I don’t even have a dog but I always learn something from him – he’s so cool. You can apply his dog psychology anywhere!
He said that we (humans) create the environment and atmosphere (mostly without knowing we do that) and the dogs will react to that more than the words we say. Dogs communicate with silence and energy. It’s not what we say it’s what we mean that counts!  Cesar mostly targets the behaviour and mindset of the human owner – the dog will take its lead from them. On the show tonight was a very capable woman teacher who could not control her rescue dog and it was becoming very disruptive to her life. Cesar reminded her of how she is with the children in her classroom and she admitted being very different: she did not try and adjust unruly behaviour from the kids with affection, as she was doing with her pet. She was confident, firm and clear. Once she got that she could transfer the skills she already had in the classroom to her dog then it was plain sailing. The dog completely changed in a matter of minutes – just by her shifting her energy and the dog picking up the new signals. Brilliant.

Cesar points out that when animals have problems they are simply reflecting our own issues. Dogs do not hold on to things the way humans do. They read your energy and respond to that rather than words. When you have not let go of the past and live in stories then it is confusing to the dog who just lives in the moment. One woman carried a great deal of pain and guilt about dogs being mistreated when she was a child, and being kicked or made to sleep out in the rain. This made her over-protective towards her rescue dog but this “kindness” was not what the dog needed and so he was not able to socialise with other dogs – and that’s really not good when you have a pitbull. Cesar took her to task for living in this old story and not being present to current reality.  And the reality was that her fiance had called off the wedding because he feared to live with her dog, which she was putting ahead of him.  Once she got that the dog was only tense because she was, even though she did not show it, she learned how to get in to a new zone of trust with herself and the dog and the animal changed completely. Cesar is a magician.  Letting go of the old stories and living in the now is the only place to live – thanks for the reminder Cesar.  Photo from a cute dog blog.

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  2. Sometimes i envy all you dog owners, I wish a I had a dog of my own.

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