Posted by: ginalazenby | June 8, 2009

women cleverer than men?

News story on BBC 24

News story on BBC 24

Interesting news item yesterday on BBC.   Apparently, research tracking ten years of UK data shows that women are vastly out-performing men at university, in all social groups and ethnicities.  Less of them are dropping out and more of them are getting higher grades across the board in the majority of subjects including professions like medicine and law, but with the exception of just engineering.  A few young people were interviewed with their views as to why this is. Some girls thought that they really are capable of knuckling down and getting on with their study and homework instead of falling prey to peer pressure and going down the pub like the boys tend to. One young man said he noticed that he usually scraped in with his essays at the last minute while the girls consistently seemed to have done theirs with time to spare.

What if we don’t just out-perform men at degree level but this trend continued and we started to out-perform men in leading corporations, enterprise, boardrooms …… ?   something to think about.  Why do you think women are getting ahead?

This weekend, Caroline Flint MP, resigned from the cabinet angry at Prime Minister Gordon Brown for treating her and other women leaders as “window dressing“. In her official response (BBC News interview outside 10 Downing Street) Harriet Harman, deputy leader, said ” I can understand the frustation of any woman in politics   … it’s true to say we’ve got further to go” then she went on to say that Gordon Brown did take women in politics seriously.  She had to say that really, in her position.  Think about:  if this trend continues it will be harder to keep women’s influence at arm’s length and we WILL start to make a real impact. I can feel Caroline’s frustration. Sadly we don’t live in a world where people speak their truth and share honestly what’s going on for them so it will be a while before we hear what is really going on.


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