Posted by: ginalazenby | June 29, 2009

even let go of your books about clutter

screen page of my book on sale online with Oxfam

screen page of my book on sale online with Oxfam

I was thrilled this week when I chanced upon a copy of my own Feng Shui book for sale via Oxfam’s used book website. I don’t feel the smallest shred of rejection that someone has let go of my precious beautiful book. It’s heartening to know that they have taken my advice (in the book in the chapter on clutter) and seen fit to divest themselves of something they no longer need. Good for them. I could do with taking some of my own medicine myself as well!  I too am drowning in STUFF – and it’s no longer physical clutter, although I have my fair share of business magazines etc …, it’s more the old ideas and the old ways of doing things.  Right now I feel like what I did before, what I believed is either no longer relevant or true. Are you finding that your whole life is up for re-invention?  I am.

How are you all coping out there?



  1. Ha – I love when words jump off the page and I know that I am here reading them for a reason – it is the old ideas and ways of doing things that I need to get rid off – hopefully they will go out along with all the old magazines that I too am clearing…..I always find the outer and the inner go hand in hand…..thanks..Lyn

  2. Sometimes I have no idea what to do with the “inherited” stuff like separate pieces of china which are absolutely useless, but still worth of history 🙂 Hmmm?
    The same with books – very old antique books?

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