Posted by: ginalazenby | September 14, 2009

18 days of pain – just 4 minutes to set me free. Amazing encounter with Prince Charles doctor.

Dr Ali & Gina LazenbyI had the most amazing experience on Friday.  It took just four minutes to release me from 18 days of pain!

I went to interview Dr Ali, famous for quite a few things: being Prince Charles’ doctor, having many celebrity & royal clients, writing a health column in the Mail on Sunday, and finally being the father of integrated medicine. It was this last context that interested me and was the reason for my interview.  Over the whole of the summer I have needed to take several months off in order to manage my health. For the first time in YEARS I have actually been to a doctor. Long story short, I have had the opportunity to witness at first hand some of the workings of the national health service, private medicine and the tussle between alternative treatments versus pharmaceutical drugs. (One doctor rolling her eyes when I talked about my endeavours with special nutrition and homeopathy while another was excited that the ‘alternative’ stuff was working!)  It’s all been a very interesting journey, and rather debilitating. An additional side effect of me being out of action and laid up for so long is that my back became very weak, and I damaged it while trying to get fit doing hula hoop on my wii Fit machine (don’t say ANYthing!).  See earlier posting about wii.

Anyway, by the time I got into Dr Ali’s private inner sanctum for a chat with my video camera last week, I was wincing and carefully arranging myself so I could sit comfortably on camera. When we finished the interview he said “So what have you done to your back?”.  Seconds later I was on the couch. He pressed a few points at the base of spine (ouch! ouch! but you won’t hear this as the camera had thankfully been switched off by then), then he got me to do some stretches and, as if by magic, I stood up without any difficulty and was able to move my whole back without pain. I think I said the word Hallelujah several times which is a bit embarrassing but he must hear that a lot.

What’s interesting about Dr Ali is is that he is a scientifically trained doctor who immediately set out to investigate other healing modalities training in China and India in acupuncture and ayurvedic techniques. His whole career has been about blending different healing systems and studying nutrition to provide the best solutions to modern health problems. On the video he explains that in the early days of doing this he had to come up with a name to cover this unique approach and that is where the phrase integrated medicine came in for the first time in the 1980s. It was this multi-disciplinary approach so expertly presented which appealed to Prince Charles who is well-known for being an advocate.  The best of both worlds is definitely the way forward, not just for treating the problems but for keeping us all out of trouble in the first place.  Dr Ali is passionate about prevention (I have now bought his ground-breaking book on back care and am studying closely it!) and that is the key driver, I believe, for health in the future. Our health is in our own hands but we need professional, quality help in sorting out which modality is best.

I asked him for his key health tips for busy business people and he offered some really great recommendations that don’t all involve major lifestyle changes. They are on the video. When I danced out of the office, I left Dr Ali looking at my Healthy Home book expressing his agreement that healthy environments play an important role too. (I have talked about quality sleep for years so it was good to hear it was high on his list too). Watch the video interview.

Dr Ali’s passion is training other doctors in his integrated techniques. He hasn’t made time to give public talks so far, and his list is mostly closed to new clients (!), so if you want to connect with this extraordinarily-gifted and inspiring health pioneer you might be interested in an intimate Breakfast Briefing he is doing on Wednesday Sept 23rd in London where he has agreed to share some of his secrets.

The event is being presented by my colleague Mynoo Blackbyrn. She was totally inspired by Dr Ali when she took a family member to see him after a stroke.  They shuffled in to the office on a Zimmer frame and walked out without it.  Dr Ali showed Mynoo simple things that she could do to accelerate their recovery and they are virtually back to normal now!
(PS if you know a stroke victim, check out Dr Ali’s website for info on the research he has done about strokes).

Date: Wednesday September 23rd, 8 – 10am
Venue: The Club at One Alfred Place, WC1, Central London
Book here:

Visit Dr Ali’s website


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