Posted by: ginalazenby | October 28, 2009

the pen that films your writing & even talks!


The pen that hears what you are saying while it films what you write !

I have just bought a brilliant gadget.  When I say ‘gadget’ it sounds like something you don’t really need but trust me, you need this one. It’s brilliant. In fact, as I am in the USA at the moment I can say it is ‘awesome’ but that’s not a very British word.

Anyway, the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen: I found it on the internet somehow but did not rush to buy it – wasn’t sure if I REALLY needed it (would it end up hidden away like my self-pumping bucket & hose car cleaning kit?). When my friend Eric turned up with one from a local Target store I dashed out to get one myself. You use a notebook with special paper that has zillions of tiny dots, as you write with the pen a tiny infra red camera films the words. In addition, you can hit the RECORD button on the bottom of each page and the words being spoken in the seminar or meeting will be recorded with the words. Which means ……. you can go back to anywhere on the paper, tap the pen on a word and hear what was being spoken at that moment. Again, AWESOME!

I tried it out at a Conference writing full notes but recording just small segments of the sessions as an aide memoire; I have used it to narrate a summary of a meeting while I have sketched out a mind-map of the highlights discussed; I gave the pen to Merrie Kung – while she gave me a fantastic numerology reading she sketched out dates and numbers and the pen recorded everything, and finally I made notes of part of a teleseminar with Dr Jean Houston (speaking on the series organised by Women from the Edge of Evolution) recording some of her pearls of wisdom.

Once you have finished the notes you upload to your computer via USB (also serves as a charger) then you can choose to upload to the Livescribe webspace and share with others. If you want to try this out and hear part of Jean Houston’s call while reading my notes, click here. I have made this particular file public but Livescribe might as you to join the community to access the file (?).  Anyone else using the Smartpen?

Now the Kindle is on my gadgets-to-buy list. Anyone using one and recommend it?



  1. Oprah does! She had the creator of Amazon on and gave one to everyone in the audience. Apparently you can buy and download your books from Amazon, but they keep a backup for you on your account, so that you don’t have to fill up your memory but keep a virtual library of your own at Amazon – amazing!

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