Posted by: ginalazenby | September 12, 2010

what women already KNOW about men dancing….

I think this is THE news story of the week! Scientists at Northumbria University decided to study the link between good dancing, which caught the attention of women, and good genetics.

and ….. surprise, surprise …… those men rated better dancers by women, and better prospective mates, were the ones with interesting and varied movement of the upper body. “So someone who is twisting, bending, moving, nodding” was rated much higher than guys who did so-called ‘Dad dancing’ with terrible twitchy and repetitive shuffling. Indeed!

The biological connection is that anyone capable of good upper body movement is likely to be more energetic and supposedly showing off their good genes just like their male counterparts in the wild with their extravagant wing displays and courtship rituals (as seen on many of David Attenborough’s wildlife programmes). Biochemical tests showed that the men deemed better dancers were also more healthy.

Do watch the BBC News 24 TV reel.

Girls … I think we could have saved that University some money don’t you!?


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