Posted by: ginalazenby | September 17, 2010

Speaking at the London feng shui conference …..

I’ve been asked to speak at this season’s conference organised by the Feng Shui Society. There’s a pretty impressive line-up of speakers … many of whom I know from years ago when I ran the Feng Shui Network school plus a couple of other interesting names like Rachel Elnaugh from BBC’s Dragon’s Den. She will be talking about her experience of using feng shui in business. Judging by the programme it’s a must-see day if you want to expand your knowledge about how to make your home and life flow better.

As for me, I have not done any public talks on feng shui for YEARS: well, not in London anyway. I have done talks when travelling overseas, including Hong Kong would you believe! I’ve been living with the principles of this wisdom and exploring it further but I’ve had a long break from teaching it ……. So this event will be a bit of a homecoming for me. I was the co-founder of the Society way back in 1993 and served as its first Chairman. A wonderful network of colleagues have been developing the organisation since then. They do great work.

My subject on September 25th, if you are in town and want to join us, will be about The Rise of the Feminine and the Importance of Home. So you can see that I will be bringing together my two passions – WOMEN and HOME. I’ll be looking at the changing nature of work and how HOME is increasingly becoming the centre of everything in people’s lives, particularly if they work from home. My recent study of Caring Economics has certainly given me some new perspectives on home-making too so it will be an interesting session.

Do join me. Public Tickets cost only £40 for the day and members are £20. Book here now.

There is a SPECIAL OFFER TOO: one year’s membership of the Society is included in the conference fee.


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