Posted by: ginalazenby | October 7, 2010

new book on flow in business!l

I have a new book out (she exclaimed boastfully!) This time I am one of 34 authors taking part in a project called “The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies without a Net” which has been published both as a paperback and as an online multi-media experience. Cool!  I am in great company. All the authors are entrepreneurs from all over the globe with vastly different experience from all walks of life. What they have in common is that no matter what level of success they have previously enjoyed, they have all increased their wealth, productivity or flow using Wealth Dynamics.

This is a profiling system and approach based on the ancient and timeless wisdom of the I Ching, probably the oldest book in the world. It provides a structure for you to play to your strengths and a blueprint for collaboration with others.  It’s totally the new paradigm for business today.  If I had known way back when at the beginning of my business journey what I know now from Wealth Dynamics, I would have avoided a few potholes in the road I can tell you!  Learning by experience is fine but it’s wonderful when someone shows us a shortcut.

Watch the short video of me talking about the new book just arrived from the printing press in the USA ….

Check out the sample book chapters: The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies without a Net: The New Dynamics of Wealth Creation in a Fast-changing Global Economy.

Take the Profile test: Find out what YOUR Wealth Dynamics Profile is and how you can get into greater flow.



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