Posted by: ginalazenby | November 10, 2010

Global Women’s Enterprise Day: celebrating in Sydney

The more research that’s done which is gender specific, the more scientific evidence emerges that men and women ARE different…. and of course, I mean beyond what we can physically see.

Women have different emotions, different brains and ways of thinking, different motivations, aspirations and decision-making. It’s only in the last decade that we have been presented with new findings for how women respond differently to stress – something beyond the classic ‘fight-or-flight’ model now seen as the masculine response. Women, it appears, prefer to tidy up, makes cups of tea and talk over things… what’s now become known as ‘tend-and-befriend’. And that is only one aspect. Women approach business, and most other things, differently too. In a world that wants to move on from “business as usual” our ability to be different could hold the key.

So, the women’s equality conversation has moved on from simply:

“we are the same and we can do the job as good as any man”


“we are equal but different and given the chance,
we could well do the job differently to a man”.

Where we have the chance for more influence, the organisation/community will benefit from a much wider perspective of ideas. A more balanced leadership and thinking will help to create, and accelerate, the positive change that we want to see in the world.

* In the USA women are over 50% of the workforce and now they are the majority of college graduates.

* Whilst many talk of a glass ceiling holding women back from the higher levels of corporations, in some countries like Norway, legislation has brought women into the boardrooms taking 44% of positions. (The profitability of a company increases threefold when women represent 30% of the Board of Directors (Women Executives in the UK, Gavurin Intellience, Feb 2008). As of this week, the UK is looking at this legislation too.

* In the last few months Switzerland elected a majority of women to their highest legislative body and globally there are ten women presidents heads of state and a further seven women heads of government including your own Julia Gillard here in Australia.

All this shows a trend where the feminine influence is on the rise. Things are indeed changing.  And WE are changing too. An increasing number of women are self-directed and creating success outside the corporate structures with their own enterprises. As I travel around the world, many women I meet are “in transition”, re-evaluating their skills and priorities, looking for different ways to earn money and express their creativity and compassion. Many women say that the roles they were used to taking no longer fit.  So what is ahead for us?  And more importantly what is our special contribution?  There is a new world to be created and a new way of doing things. Women are perfectly poised to take the lead in a future filled with possibilities.

It’s time for us to gather and discuss what that new world looks like, for us as individuals and for society. Come and be part of that conversation. Join us in central Sydney on Wednesday November 17th at 6pm on Global Women’s Enterprise – a day for celebrating women in business. Book here.

We are meeting at Crown Street Meditation centre at 6pm & eating together. Just a  $20 charge with a donation to women’s charities. You must book in advance



  1. Great information here Gina.
    Have a great night tonight.
    Perhaps when you come to The Red Centre next year, you might talk to the ladies here.
    Lots of love xx

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