Posted by: ginalazenby | November 14, 2010

are we missing out on women’s wisdom?

While travelling in California last month I met up with Karen Buckley of The Wisdom Connection to talk about bringing feminine wisdom into commerce – a passion for both of us. You’ll laugh when she talks about looking up the term “wise woman” in the dictionary only to find … well to find nothing!!  this is the first of 3 parts to our conversation. Watch part one here. I’ll post the other two videos shortly.

Across the globe there are now thousands of networks and communities bringing women together to talk about how we can contribute to the creation of a different world – be that in politics or commerce. With our different thinking, approach and priorities, women are increasingly being seen as ‘Architects of Change’. Karen shared how she had just spoken at a gathering in Paris of 700 women with that idea as their agenda.
There are millions of conversations happening and it’s all about how we can do things differently.

Global Enterprise Week gives us the opportunity to discuss what that might look like in business – and how bringing feminine wisdom to the fore could help create business as un-usual.


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