Posted by: ginalazenby | January 12, 2011

I’ve never really achieved my goals ….

but I have been an incredible manifestor!

I am not sure how to verbalise the difference but let’s have a go. Goal-setting is about aiming for something, moving towards it. While for me, manifesting is about making a declaration of what I want or need then allowing it to come to me!

In the past when I have set goals, I have generally gone on to create some kind of action plan to achieving them (probably with one of my massive TO DO lists). It’s pretty standard business practice. Over the last few years I have come to realise that it is more powerful to frame what I want as an INTENTION and just being with it, not necessarily taking any immediate action. I’ve discovered there is more power and creativity in the gentleness of ALLOWING things to appear instead of MAKING them happen.

That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything. It means I don’t know the best actions to take that will lead me to my desired outcome in an easy and graceful way. I have decades of knowledge and practical experience of HARD WORK but I resolved to give that up several years ago. I feel like I have already gone through my lifetime’s allocation of hard graft so there’s nothing else left now except for things to come to me with grace and ease. For me, that is the only game in town. The universe (or any power you feel you are connected to which is your source) always knows better than I do. I can choose to write out a list of tasks that I know stand between me and the desired outcome and then I can dive right in to doing them. OR, more powerfully  … I can fill myself with a positive vibration and allow events, people and things to show up for me like magic. I can almost hear your thoughts of disbelief and ridicule…… I really can. But out there, there are other powerful manifestors who agree with me. Gosia Gorna is one of them. She’s a dear friend of many years and much sought-after transformational coach. Each year for the last decade she has presented a course in January called ‘The Year I would love to have’.  This year, I am thrilled that she has asked me to be her guest speaker. the event is on Sunday January 23rd in central London and if that location is reachable for you, I really encourage you to join us on the course.

Read here about what you will get from it. In a nutshell, I believe it will help you shift into a new way of creating the life you want. If like me, you have had enough of doing things in a stressful way and are tired of being tired then this day will be the best investment you can make in creating a magical year.

I shall be sharing a few of my secrets including:

* Beyond Feng Shui placement: How to align your home so it is working for you over the coming year and not against you!
* How to get into the flow so you can create your heart’s desires with grace and ease.
* How to get ready for the energy shift ahead of 2012.


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